Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bee Family

Here is just a part of the Bee Family. The baby bee didn't turn out so I have to cut it again tonight.
When I did this, I thought of my wonderful cousin Kirsti and her husband(he's a bee keeper).
Mom bee $2.00 for the SVG
Dad bee $2.00 for the SVG
Vinyl: For me to cut them out for you this one will be a group price of $6.00 for the mom, dad and baby bee(baby bee will be posted later).
Just to give everyone a heads up, this weeks SVG's will be a Cheerleader SVG, a Soccer player boy SVG, and then the mom, dad and baby bee SVG's.

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  1. I clicked over from Tip Junkie's linky - these are so adorable! I'm bookmarking your site, and when I get ready to do some crafting, I'll make an order!