Saturday, February 26, 2011


(I know that I really messed up on the spacing, but I was in "get-er-done mode" as my husband likes to call it. It's still cute, and doesn't matter what he says!)

So these past couple weeks my husband and I have wanted to know more about our family history. My husband started looking up his genealogy charts and it turns out that it looks like there was some royalty(way, way, way back) he thinks he's pretty darn special and likes to slip this info into any conversation.
So I made him a sign to show him that he married royalty. He looked at it this morning and said "I don't think you understand what royalty is, just because your name is on that sign doesn't mean that your really royalty." But turns out he's wrong and when you put your name under royalty you feel pretty darn royal :)

I really made this sign to go into my mom's playroom for the kids. One day I might make one with all the grand-kids names on it, but right now this is just me and my brothers and sisters. I think it will look pretty cute in the toy room.

Poor Britt's has some problems with the board cracking, but I think that this little girl fits my tween-age(I don't think that's a word) little sister so well. This little princess is so full of attitude(a lot like my little sister)

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  1. Oh my gosh you are so funny! I love our explanation of the royal connection in your family. Your royal family is so cute! Great job on these.

  2. That is cute. I didn't even notice the spacing until I read the post. What a cute idea. I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you linked your project up to my link party.
    More The Merrier Monday.