Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog Award

So I just took the week off last week, things have been pretty crazy around here(I think that things are always crazy but then they get even more crazy and that's when I can't handle it). I'm back and this week I should have some great stuff coming out!

I'm so excited because

Julieta from gave us this wonderful award! I'm so excited for my first ever blog award! Thanks you so much!

The Rules for the award is that I have to name five reasons why I love crafting and pass it on to five other crafters(and acknowledge the person who gave it to me!).

Here are the five reasons I love crafting:

1. Feels good to accomplish something in the day! The house is never as clean as I want it, the dishes are never done, but I can get a craft done and its done!

2. I love creating.

3. I love teaching my kids how fun work can be.

4. I love making other people happy through my creations!

5. It's kind of fun to drive my husband crazy with all the random stuff I want to buy(just in case I need it later).

The five people I give this award to are(and they are in no order):

1. She has some great stuff and is always willing to help with questions!






  1. Thanks so much Krystine! I am truly honored. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations! Thanks again for the award! :) I appreciate it!

  2. thank you for choosing me.